Helpers for COVID-19 was created in order to help those who are negatively affected by the pandemic. Our organization pairs volunteers who are looking to help to those who need deliveries and other kinds of help in getting essentials. Safety has no price and the goal of Helpers for COVID-19 is to aid in protecting the safety of those who are elderly, immunocompromised, and/or those disproportionately affected by COVID-19. We hope that our organization will help diminish risk by providing those in the more vulnerable bracket a safe and easy way to get any services, including deliveries of groceries and dog walking. We also hope to relieve the financial burden that is currently felt by many due to recent circumstances. 

In addition to assisting the elderly and immunocompromised with essential deliveries, we also are working to raise money to provide food and other essentials to the homeless and anyone else who needs it. 

We have started a GoFundMe that you may access here: http://gf.me/u/xzf3ds to relieve some of the financial burdens for buying these essential goods or you can donate to our Venmo @helpersforcovid19

Pam Leybengrub

After getting sent home due to this pandemic, Pam Leybengrub, a premed student attending Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, wanted to get involved in helping those in need during this crisis. After having made several trips to her local grocery store to purchase food for her family, Pam kept noticing that a portion of the people in these stores were elderly. Pam was shocked at how many immunocompromised people have to constantly risk their health and safety to buy essential goods. She wanted to help mitigate the risks they were taking which is why she created this volunteer organization. Pam recruits volunteers, actively speaks with community leaders to find more people that she and her volunteers can help, and plays a major role in connecting volunteers with those who need help. She also personally helps with deliveries several times a week.

Vian Shekhtman
Lead Organizer

Vian Shekhtman, an aspiring surgeon at Hunter College’s Macaulay Honors Program, wanted to help those in need during the current struggles. Vian saw firsthand how harshly the world was affected by the virus and decided to step in any way he could. Not having funds to assist directly, Vian decided it was smartest to help with safety management. He assisted Pam with setting the premise of Helpers for COVID19 and continues to recruit volunteers, work out delivery logistics, and deliver several times a week.

Julia Stolyar
Volunteer Codirector

Julia Stolyar is a Pre-Medical Student at Macaulay Honors College who saw first hand the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 virus. Having two parents working as first responders, she heard about how much worse the situation was getting every day and knew she had to do something to help those who could not protect themselves. Working to recruit other volunteers and communicate with those who need help but can not access the internet, Julia helps connect volunteers with the elderly and immunocompromised individuals in their areas.

Jenny Li
Marketing Representative

Jenny Li is a neuroscience student at New York University Shanghai. After learning about the devastating impact that COVID-19 has had on underprivileged communities all over the city and beyond, Jenny decided to join the team at Helpers for COVID-19 to expand the initiative and help individuals at increased risk for severe illness obtain essentials from the safety of their homes. As Marketing Representative, she hopes to persuade more people from all 5 NYC boroughs and beyond to volunteer and help protect vulnerable populations from the notoriously fatal effects of COVID-19. 

Daniel Gelfand
Web Developer

Daniel Gelfand is a Computer Science student studying at Northeastern University. Knowing the detrimental affects of this pandemic on the livelihood of many, he aims to provide a seamless interface for people to request help and recieve it.

Masha Yepishkina

Masha Yepishkina is studying Quantitative Finance at Stevens Institute of Technology. Although she wishes all of this will be over soon, she is glad to help in the meantime. It is important to her that those most vulnerable in this crisis are well-protected. Masha is going to allocate and manage our funds to make sure we can help as many people as possible.

Shana Broitman
Volunteer Codirector

Shana Broitman is a pre-medical student at Northeastern University studying bioengineering. Witnessing the detrimental effects of coronavirus on her community, she wanted to help those who are most vulnerable during this time. She works alongside Julia Stolyar in recruiting volunteers and communicating with elderly and immunocompromised individuals in need of assistance.

Sheva Vulakh
Community Outreach Representative

Sheva Vulakh is a third year pre-med student in the scholars program at Hunter College. When COVID-19 hit, Sheva was thrilled to find out about Helpers for COVID-19, and be able to help the elderly and immunocompromised within communities during this difficult time. As Community Outreach representative, Sheva is going to do everything possible to ge as many Helpers and Helpees on board as possible. 

Anton Danylenko
Web Developer

Anton Danylenko is a Computer Science student at Stevens Institute of Technology. He hopes to apply his area of study to the efforts of Helpers for COVID19 and assist them in making a positive impact on the community.

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