Helping You and Your Families

Volunteering for Communal Well-Being


Helpers for COVID-19 was created in order to help those who are negatively affected by the pandemic. Our organization pairs volunteers who are looking to help to those who need deliveries and other kinds of help in getting essentials. Safety has no price and the goal of Helpers for COVID-19 is to aid in protecting the safety of those who are elderly, immunocompromised, and/or those disproportionately affected by COVID-19.


Volunteers can have several roles in this organization. Volunteer protection is of utmost importance. Some of the volunteers may be driving/commuting to buy and/or deliver groceries for those most affected by the pandemic. These volunteers will be matched to those seeking help based on location. Volunteers may also be asked to provide dog walking services or write letters to homebound seniors for holidays, or help stock community fridges, among many other tasks. We will also provide a list of volunteer hours for everyone participating, if requested. To become a volunteer, sign up at this link to join:




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