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Helping You and Your Families

Volunteering for Communal Well-Being

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Helpers for COVID-19 was created in order to primarily service the communities in New York City. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted a wide range of issues that different groups within NY face, including the elderly, pediatric children with chronic conditions, and differently abled individuals. Our aim is to work with community members affected by disparities that were heightened by COVID-19. Some of our projects include providing pediatric nursing home patients with toy donations, providing entertainment and company to elderly in nursing homes, and helping differently abled individuals apply for jobs. Our organization pairs volunteers who are looking to help to different events we or our partners are hosting and/or individuals who are looking for help. 


Volunteers can have several roles in this organization. One responsibility may be working individually with those who need our help, for example helping with job searches for differently abled individuals. Other responsibilities may include working with other volunteers to hand out toys to a pediatric nursing home or to prepare some form of entertainment for the elderly population. We will also provide a list of volunteer hours for everyone participating, if requested. To become a volunteer, sign up at this link to join:




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